Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful Sight.

"He saw the best in me, when everyone else around me could only see the worst in me." Song- Best in Me by Marvin Sapp

God saw the best, Everyone else saw the worst... But what do you see?

In Mark 8:23, After spitting on his eyes and placing his hands upon the blind man, Jesus then asked him... "What do you see?" The once blind man answered...(paraphrased) "I can see better than I could before BUT I still don't see things without obscurity." Jesus, then touched the man's eyes again, restored his sight, and he walked away with the ability to see all things clearly.

 Maybe, you have allowed what others have said to you, did to you, or maybe it's what you are saying to yourself, that is causing you to be blinded from seeing the Beautiful that is within you...

Maybe, you can see that you're a little better than you were before BUT you still can't see yourself the way that God see's you...

I suggest you do as the blind man did... Tell Jesus what you see ,ask Him to touch your eyes again, so that you may be able to see yourself and others, the way He see's all things ... BEAUTIFULLY.

 Author~Pamela Ferguson-Jennings
Scripturally Inspired Publishing. Copyright 2010   

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beautiful Faith

Just because you thought,  I couldn't... I did.
Just because you wouldn't, I  decided that... I will.
Just because you said, " I can't"... I believe that I can.
Just because you can't see it... doesn't mean that it's not there.

I did. I will. I can... Just because, I believe! 

Quote: When you know what you believe and believe in what you know... You won't be found doing nothing. ~Pamela Ferguson -Jennings