The Reflection of... A Beautiful Woman

                                    The Reflection of... A Beautiful Woman
 When you look in the mirror, do you see that you're Beautiful? Yes OR No, What do you think has influenced your answer? This journal was written to provoke thought concerning  the things that we as women are allowing to influence how we view our reflection in the mirror, it was written to help begin the process to a Beautiful Transformation, (a healthy, positive way of thinking and the letting go of those things that are heavy & useless), it is also a map that will help lead to a more intimate relationship with God.
 Merchandise available for purchase:
 Devotional Journal & Bible Study Journal
 Beautfiul Tees available in Black, White, & Pink
 Sizes: Women Classic fit 100 % cotton-Small, Med.,Lg., XL
* 50/50 Cotton/Polyester, in larger sizes also available        
The Reflection of.. A Beautiful Woman