Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Beautiful Birthday!

( March 3, 1969)42 years ago on this very day, My Mother gave birth to me. I was born prematurely,not weighing much at all... BUT God had a plan.

( March 3, 2011) 42 years later... Here I STAND. A Woman filled with the Holy Spirit, A Love for the Lord, and who knows that her name is written in the palm of God's Hand. Here I STAND, firmly planted and rooted in His Word. Here I STAND, shouting "Worthy is the Lamb." Here I AM, obeying His command to go and possess the land. Yes, I am peculiar, chosen, Beautiful, and maybe to some even "strange".Well, I am a stranger...sent from the Heavenlies ON an assignment and WITH a purpose, that through and from my life... God would get GLORY!!!! Today is my Beautiful Birthday and to God, My Father (who LOVES me and who CHOSE me)and to My Mother & Father, who chose to give birth to me... I say THANKS!!! I Love you.

Pamela Ferguson-Jennings

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